Ultrasonic Atmega-328 Smart Car Robot Starter DIY Kit

  • ₱3,995.00


Ultrasonic Atmega-328 Smart Car Robot Starter DIY Kit



This smart ultrasonic obstacle avoidance car is an application development system for microcontroller learners. It takes atmega-328 as its core to realize ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function. This kit contains large numbers of interesting programs and supports expansion of external circuit modules, thus enhancing the usability of this smart car. Our final goal is to free learners from the boring theoretical knowledge concerning microcontroller and foster learners’ ability in microcontroller system development.

Motor voltage


.Length of motor shaft


Rotate speed of motor

6.0V 100rpm/min

The controlling motor adopts L298N module to realize separation from microcontroller

The obstacle avoidance part adopts HC-SR04 ultrasonic to realize stable performance and precise distance measurement

Supports connection with external voltage of 7V~12V and can carry multiple sensor modules as needed


  • Geared motor - 2
  • Dupont line - 12
  • Tyre - 2
  • Motor fixing - 2
  • Universal wheel - 1
  • USB cable (100cm) - 1
  • 100*150*2.6MM acrylic glass plate - 2
  • L298N motor driver - 1
  • UNO 328 controller board - 1
  • Copper pillar (3 x 35mm / 4 x 12mm) - 1
  • Holder kit - 1
  • Steering gear - 1
  • 3mm screws kit - 1

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