Pocket Rechargeable Projector

watch video, show your presentation anywhere

The lightweight and portable LED Projector can project videos, presentation from your mobile device with very good video and data image quality.




Color:White black/white yellow/white blue 


Material:Eco-friendly ABSCPUMST6M182VGImaging Technology:TFT LCD panel 2.0inches 

Brightness400-600 lumens (20ANSI lumens) 

FOFO Contrast:800:1 

Color Reproduction:16770kPhysical 

Resolution320x240 pixels 

Support Resolution:1920x1080 pixels 

Language Support:23 languages for choice 

Light: LED 

Language Support: 23 languages for choice 

Life Span: 30,000 hours 

Throw Distance:0.8-2m 

Screen Size: 24-60 inches 

Screen Rotation:left, right, up, down 

Aspect Ratio:4:3 

Projection Ratio:1.6:1 


Total Power Consumption:10-24W 

Supply Voltage:DC:12V-2A/

Power Bank Charger: 5V-2A 


Output:3.5mm earphone 

Optional Battery-in-built: 7.4V/1300mAh/60g lithium battery 

hdmi input

HDMI input offer easy setup and flexible connectivity to high-definition devices, as well as compatibility with wireless HDMI dongles such as Google Chromecast™

usb input

USB Input for easy setup of presentation and movies to play

sd card input

SD Card for ease of presentation and playing of videos from your mobile phone or Camera

bright display

With 400-600 lumens (20ANSI lumens), can project clear display

long life

With bulb life around 30,000 hours

built-in battery

With  1300mAh built in battery will let the projector turn on for 1 and half hours