DH680G Wifi Smart Magnetic Glass Door Lock (Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)

  • ₱15,500.00

The Smart magnetic glass door lock is suitable for office glass doors. It enables you to enter your office with a pin code from its touch screen pad, with your mobile phone through Bluetooth connection or with an RFID Card. It also has a built-in Time and Attendance.

Mode of Access

  • PIN Code
  • Smartphone Key via Bluetooth
  • Smartphone Key via Wi-Fi
  • Voice command via Amazon Alexa
  • RFID Card
  • Manual Exit button


  • Virtual Key Access – with its mobile application, securely grant access to your guests from your smartphone by providing unique pin code or smartphone electronic key access.
  • Smartphone Electronic Key Access – you or your guests has to download and create an account from the smart lock’s mobile application (IOS/Android). This would register your smartphone to access the smart lock through Bluetooth connection. No Wi-Fi connection needed to connect with the smart lock upon entry.
  • Access Expiry – specify the type of access for your guests, either permanent or temporary access. Temporary access can be scheduled either one-time or routine (i.e. every Wednesday). Set the time and date for your guest to enter your home.
  • Access Monitoring – access entry logs are available from its mobile application.
  • Time and attendance – suitable for offices to track the time and attendance of employees
  • Real-time logs - Always know who goes in at an instant
  • Voice command - Very convenient to lock and unlock your door. You can say eg. Alexa, unlock/lock door


Brand: Digitalhome
Size W70mm x H100mm x T28mm
Weight 0.3KG
Front panel Zinc alloy
Lock body Magnet
Power supply Direct current
Stand-by current ≈35μA
Operating current ≈200 mA
Exit button dimension: 7.0W x 11.5H x 2.9D (cm)
Magnetic door Holding force: 500kg
Magnetic door Lock size: 26.5L x 7.1W x 4.0H (cm)


Download Mobile Application Manual




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How to register Sciener account


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How to pair your smart lock


How to send eKey (electronic Key)


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