SR002 Smart Motion Sensor

  • ₱1,340.00


DigitalHome Smart Motion Sensor's small, sleek and compact design make it simple to install and position easily. Aim the sensor wherever you desire and secure using a binding bolts and screw or just double-sided stick (included with sensor). The DigitalHome Smart Motion Sensor offers up to a 110° tilt. Its circular design allows you to rotate and position the sensor to your liking without a hassle.


  • Motion Detect - Detects the status of your indoor or outdoor activity with DigitalHome Motion Sensor. A built-in adapter keeps track any area that you want to monitor with.
  • Increased Safety and Security - Improve the security of your home with DigitalHome Smart Sensors. Prevent unwanted intruders and keep your home and your family safe with real-time alerts to notify you to call the police if your home is broken in to.
  • Sleek and Compact Design - DigitalHome Smart Sensor's small, sleek and compact design make these smart sensors simple and convenient to install.
  • Easy to Install - Install by screwing into desired spot and rotate and point to your monitor area. Connect to Mobile app and follow installation instructions.
  • Realtime Alerts - Download the Mobile app to connect with your smart sensor devices. With more DigitalHome Smart devices, you can conveniently control them all in one app. Change your settings, receive security notification and updates all in one place.
  • Full Wireless Operation - Monitor your home from anywhere around the world. No additional hub or hardware is need, simply connect devices to your home Wi-Fi router and start using! Easy to pair devices can be connected and controlled via mobile APP



Battery: 3 pcs. AAA
Standby time: 2 years
Sensitivity distance: 7m
Sensitivity Angle: 110 degrees
Wireless type: 2.4Ghz
Size:  2.4 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches
Weight: 40.8 grams


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