DigitalHome Fingerprint Smart Lock

  • ₱16,500.00


This electronic smart lock is of superior quality with multiple ways to unlock your door: fingerprint, pin code, IC card and mechanical key. You can grant between 100 to 150 user accounts. 

This smart lock is suitable for hotel, school, government offices, hospital and other commercial offices


  • Mode of Entry- fingerprint (maximum of 150 users), pin Code (maximum of 100 users), IC Card (maximum of 150 users) and Mechanical Key (2 keys)
  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification – identifies you in less than .5 seconds. Perfect for kids and elders.
  • Virtual Key Access – with its mobile application, securely grant access to your guests from your smartphone. From its mobile application, create user accounts and you may scan the guest’s fingerprint, or create a unique pin code, and or register the IC card.
  • Access Monitoring – access entry logs are available from its mobile application.
  • Power Supply – lock is powered by 4 pcs AA batteries.  When the battery is low, sound alarm is activated to remind you to change the batteries.
  • Sound Alarm System – security alarm is activated once the door is unlocked or if someone try to damage the lock.
  • Easy Installation – fits to a standard deadbolt lock hole dimensions (2 1/8-inch). No special wiring or internet connection needed upon installation.


- Die-cast zine alloy body

- Tempered glass touch screen

- Ultra-thin panel and handle

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