Raspberry Pi GPIO Electronics Starter Kit

  • ₱2,100.00


Thiz Raspberry Pi Electronic Starter Kit contains all the components you need, together with easy to follow instruction cards. It is an ideal starting point for anyone new to electronics and the Raspberry Pi.


  • Easy setup for beginner with step by step tutorial
  • High quality sensors
  • This kit is designed for those who want to learn electrical knowledge of Raspberry Pi. 
  • Guidebook includes C language and Python programming codes
  • It includes a lot of basic components that you need to make your own project


1 pc 5V stepper Motor with driver board
6 pcs 5mm LED (Green/Red/Yellow,2pcs/each)
1 pc 830 Tie Points Solderless Breadboard
1 pc 5V Relay Module
1 pc GPIO Extension Board
1 pc 26-Pin GPIO Ribbon Cable
1 pc 1602 LCD Display module
1 pc 40-Pin Header
2 pcs Potentiometer (Adjustable Resistor)
1 pc DHT11 Temperature Sensor module
1 pc DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module
4 pcs Push Button (Red/Yellow,2pcs/each) 4
30 pcs Resistor (560R/5.1K/10K Ohm,10pcs/each)
1 pc 3Pin Female to Female Dup Cable 20cm
1 pc Infrared Remote Controller 1
1 pc PL2303 Cable(1M)

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