GT200 Smart Lock for Outdoors (RFID card, skey, remote control and keypad)

  • ₱10,995.00

A smart lock suitable for glass door, gate with a keyless lock that enables you to enter your home with a pin code from its wireless keypad, or remote control. It is waterproof and is suitable outdoors.

This is battery-operated and can be easily installed into your doors with no special wiring or internet connection needed. The battery will last for 9 months.

Mode of Access

  • Keypad
  • Remote control
  • Card
  • S-Key


  • Low power consumption - batteries can last up to 12 months for 20 times unlock every day.
  • Easy Installation - No wiring required. It only takes a few minutes to do the installation.
  • Remote Control - Very convenient to use. You can lock/unlock the door using the remote control.
  • All-Weather Protection - With an IP65 weatherproof rating, the smart lock is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -30°C/-22°F to 70°C/158°F as well as rainfall.


Brand: Digitalhome
Type: Gate Lock
Battery Lock: 4pcs AA
Battery Keypad: 3pcs AAA
Battery Remote: 2032 Lithium battery
User Capacity: 500
PIN Length: 4 to 8 digits
Weight: 1100 g
Battery life: 6 months for locks / 1 year for keypad
Frequency: 433MHz Rolling code technology
PIN Code digits: 4 to 8 digits


Package Included

  • Wireless Lock
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Adhesive
  • 5 pcs. S-Key
  • 2 pcs. Remote Control
  • 2 pcs. RFID Card


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