TH200 Glass Touch Switch with Remote

  • ₱1,290.00


A 2-way Crystal Glass Panel soft touch switch that easily replaces your existing switch. You can also turn on/off your lights with the use of remote control.



  • Capacitive touch sense - sensitive touch control, feeling like a smartphone touch. With back light indicator to indicate if it is on or off (red/green light).
  • Remote control – control your switch with DigitalHome remote control.
  • Easy installation - same as normal light switch - does not require negative line. Replaces traditional wall switch completely and smoothly. Compatible with all types of lights including incandescent, fluorescent lamps, tubes, energy saver, motion sensor lamps and so on.



Mechanical Life: 100,000 times of operation
Max. Voltage: AC 110~250V/50~60Hz
Max. Current: 5A
Size: 118mm * 72mm * 33mm
Color: Ivory White
Panel material: Crystal glass
Total Rated Load: 2000Watts
Operating Environment: -30~70 Centigrade; Less than 95% RH


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