WiFi Waterproof Socket (works with Alexa)

  • ₱1,650.00


With DigitalHome WiFi Waterproof Socket, you can now turn on/off your plugged home appliances and devices from your smartphone – totally cost-efficient, safe and convenient.


  • Remote Power Control – this smart socket connects to your home WiFi and lets you remotely power on and off of your home appliances and devices. Download the mobile application to your phone and pair the socket to your smartphone. Once downloaded, this will enable you to use all its features.
  • Power Scheduling – from your smartphone, schedule your devices to automatically turn on and off based on specific times you set (i.e. turns on every 6PM daily, turns off after 2 hours)  
  • Voice Control – works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice control. Instantly turn on or off your electrical devices with a voice command (i.e.“Alexa, turn off lamp”).
  • Power Monitoring – mobile application allows you to check and monitor your power usage too.
  • Water proof – this smart socket is suitable for outdoor as it is safe even with splashes of water.


Material: PC 94A-0

Voltage range: 250V

Power: 2500W

Current: 10A

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