Why The DigitalHome Smart Digital Lock Is Smarter Than The Rest?

The DigitalHome smart digital lock is not your usual smart lock. 
It can do what those from the big brands can do – provide keyless access, go into security lock-out mode etc. But we wanted to make it even better. 
So we added new features on the lock and the accompanying mobile app, designed to provide you with greater control over your home. All this was done without losing sight of the main function of the lock, which is to enhance the security of your home. 
We also made the lock simple to use, because nobody has the time for complicated how-to’s. Here, we present the highlights of the DigitalHome smart digital lock:



The DigitalHome smart digital lock comes with an LED touchscreen, and can be unlocked when you tap in an 8-digit PIN code. 

There is a master PIN code for each lock, which is meant for the home owners’ use and is always active (ie. accepted by the lock). It can be changed if necessary, and can be viewed by the home owner from our DigitalHome mobile app.

Temporary PIN codes can be created from our mobile app at any time, and from anywhere. You can set the exact time and date at which the PIN code becomes active (eg. 1.00pm on 1 December 2017) and when it expires (1.00pm on 1 December 2017). 

If you wish, you can set it to be a one-time access PIN code. This will be useful if you need to let the cleaner in for the day, or for the delivery man to drop off your online shopping parcels in your house while you are out


An alternative mode of entry is by bluetooth key. This means you can enter your home with just your smartphone. If you are in close distance of the lock (eg. within an approx 1-2m radius), you can easily tap ‘Unlock’ from the DigitalHome mobile app, and the DigitalHome smart lock will unlock accordingly. Bid farewell to the times when you were locked out of your home because you forgot to bring your keys out!

Feel free to send a bluetooth key to a guest you want to welcome into your house. Similar to the PIN code, you can set how long the bluetooth key is active for.

Access logs for bluetooth keys are also now available! View the history of the exact dates and times during when a bluetooth key was used – greater visibility means greater peace of mind. Access logs for PIN codes are also available – these are updated when the master owner uses a bluetooth key to unlock the lock. One new addition to our app features is access alerts. You will be alerted whenever a loved one or visitor enters your home using a bluetooth key. Our product team is constantly making improvements to our app and rolling out new features, so look out for them!



You may not even need to use this option at all, but it is retained as a mode of entry for emergency situations (eg. if you are unable to change the batteries of the lock before they run out of power). This is the conventional lock and key method, in which you insert a physical key and turn it to unlock the lock.

It is the back-up plan, to provide you reassurance that you will be able to enter your home no matter what.

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