7 Smart Home Products Ideas for Parents

Smart Home Products for Parents 


This one here goes out to the parents. The ones who love smart devices and products, making life easy and convenient while some products might look intimidating, smart homes can help your parents in a variety of different ways.

If you’ve got kids, you don’t need us to tell you how tough it can be to get things right. As the old cliché goes, there’s absolutely no instruction manual. We’ll take a look at how smart technology can help you as a parent.

Today, we’re looking at eight devices that make sense if you’ve got kids at home. By no means, all these devices are exclusively for parents. Each of them, though, will come in especially handy with children in the equation.

We’ll launch right in without further ado to give you some food for thought.


7 Digital Home Products for Parents

1. Smart Motorized Sliding Gate Solution

Returning home from a road trip or shopping with hands full of bags and kids running everywhere. Sound familiar?

By investing in a smart motorized sliding gate solution, you’ll be able to replace the chaos above with an entrance controlled seamlessly from your smartphone.

Many of these nifty devices can open your door automatically as you arrive based on geo-fencing.

Say goodbye to problematic entrances and say hello to automated door control straight out of a sci-fi movie. Make your life easier before you set foot inside your connected home. 

2. Smart Lock

When your kids start going out with friends, why not offer them a better alternative than a key?

Many children tend to lose keys, and hiding a spare outside is a security risk not worth taking. Certainly not when you’ve got options like the MT204 Fingerprint Mortise Smart Lock at your disposal.

One of the primary reasons we consistently recommend MT204 in a segment filled with high competition is the varied modes of entry. It’s especially kid-friendly.

Give your children the chance to enter the home using fingerprint recognition. The MT204 can store up to 100 sets of fingerprints, and there’s nothing for your children to remember. Just teach them how to gain access, and you’ve got total security.

If you prefer to give them a code to punch in on the touchscreen, the anti-peep tech is a nice touch. Encourage your children to enter the password somewhere within a string of random digits. The MT204 will let them in while no passersby with ill intent can guess the actual entry code.

Throw in access with your smartphone and mechanical backup keys and the MT204 Fingerprint Mortise Smart Lock is, in our opinion, the strongest smart lock on the market for parents.

3. Smart Doorbell

If your kids spend time at home alone before you get back from work, investing in Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a great way to enhance their safety.

When anyone rings the doorbell, your children can see who it is on screen and communicate with two-way audio before letting them in. You’ll also be able to intervene and communicate remotely in-app on your smartphone.

You can also get alerts on your phone whenever the sensor detects motion outside your home, and you’ll benefit from a live feed.

How about checking up on your children?

4. Indoor Wireless Security Camera

Monitoring your kids is probably the single most prominent use case for indoor smart security cameras.

Our favorite wireless indoor camera is the CM300 WiFi Dome CCTV Indoor Camera for delivering exceptional results at a pocket-friendly price.

When you’ve got kids, you can take full advantage of the sweeping view to see what they’re up to when you’re not around. With a 1080p live stream on your smartphone and cameras small enough to place wherever you need them, CM300 allows you to keep a close eye on your children as well as your pets when you’re not at home.

How about if you’ve got a newborn baby to consider? Well, you’re in luck there.

5) Smart Camera

CM300 Smart CCTV has a built-in tracking device. It automatically moves when motion is detected. This is best CCTV for monitoring your children.

Robust two-way audio lets you hear what’s happening in the nursery. You’ll also be able to soothe your bundle of joy and sing her a lullaby.

Night vision ensures you’ll remain connected with your baby throughout the night.

6. Smart Thermostat

This flexible smart thermostat from DigitalHome allows you to change the temperature from anywhere using your phone, tablet or laptop. It automatically adjusts the temperature after you leave. So, you don’t heat or cool an empty house.

You’ll be able to monitor data in-app on both iOS and Android.

7. Smart Speakers and Smart Displays

Smart speakers and smart display perform one central general role: bringing voice assistants and hands-free control into the home.

How do these devices come in handy when you’ve got kids, then?

Well, the cheap and cheerful Amazon Echo  Dot 2nd Gen  is an excellent way of introducing your children to Alexa and all she can do to help at home.

Create routines to help your kids stay on track with their chores. Allow them to enjoy streaming their favorite music and listening to audiobooks thanks to a free year’s subscription to FreeTime Unlimited.

Parental controls allow you to stay in charge while giving your kids a great introduction to smart speakers.

How can you make things even better?

Well, with the all-new Echo Show 5, you can throw a 5-inch screen into the mix. On one hand, it enhances media options for your children. The screen also allows you to place video calls to your kids or to use Echo Show 5 like an intercom so you can let them when it’s time to head down for dinner.

Furthermore opt for a Google Home smart speaker if you prefer using Google Assistant. Most noteworthy, these smart speakers are not so kid-friendly.


Final Word

You should now have no shortage of ideas on how to improve your life as a parent. Perhaps you’re looking to make your home safer now you’ve got a new baby. Maybe you’ve got teens who would benefit from technology to give them a helping hand with their chores. Or it might be that you want to give your home a general injection of smarts. Take your pick from the above devices, and you’re in safe hands.



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