DB620 Video Doorbell with electronic lock and wireless chime

  • ₱14,995.00

Enhance your home security with our state-of-the-art Smart Video Doorbell. This innovative device integrates seamlessly with an electronic lock and chime, offering a comprehensive solution for monitoring and controlling your front door.


  • Full HD Video Camera – Video Camera HD resolution captures images and records videos in stunning video quality. With advanced night vision from built-in infrared LEDs, the camera performs perfectly in the dark and images can be viewed at up to 5 meters.
  • Two-way communication audio - Built-in microphone and speaker enable crystal clear two-way communication through the camera. With the mobile application installed on your phone, you can remotely access the camera and instantly talk to your kids or whoever is near the camera.
  • Access sharing - One device can be shared with multiple family members so everyone can have access to its live stream. Just have your family members download the Mobile app and invite them to your account. Device sharing can also be easily removed.
  • Weather-Proof - Suitable for outdoors and can withstand different kinds of weather conditions (i.e. rains, heat).
  • Hardwire Device - Having peace of mind and no need to worry about changing the batteries of your doorbell.
  • Motion Detection Capability- when visitors press the doorbell or the motion detector is triggered, the doorbell camera automatically records videos, or snapshots pictures, and saves them in the extra Micro SD card for data retrieval.
  • Electronic Lock Integration - Securely lock and unlock your door remotely via the mobile app.
  • Smart Chime - Instant audio alerts within your home when someone is at your door.
  • Mobile App - Receive real-time notifications, view live video, and control the electronic lock from your smartphone.
  • Data Privacy - under the Encryption Protocol, access and control to data and cameras will be solely granted to you.
  • Multi-Access from Various Platforms – Can be accessed and controlled remotely via Android, and iOS devices. Users can review or watch live videos from afar with ease.


Resolution: 1024x600 pixels
Power Input: AC 100V-240V 50 Hz/ 60 Hz
Power Output: DC15V
Current Output: 1200MA
Weight: 2 kg

Package Inclusion
Doorbell - 1
Chime - 1
Power Supply - 1
Electric lock - 1
Adapter - 1
Screws and Others - 6
User Manual - 1






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