SN300 Window Door Sensor for AS300 with 433/868Mhz

  • ₱895.00

The SN300 window door sensor is compatible with the AS300 Home Alarm System kit -433/868MHz.

Install this sensor on your front door, back door, garage, important file bins, pet doors, and more. 
This sensor is designed to send you real-time push notifications whenever any of your home’s access points are breached so you’ll never have to worry about anyone getting inside your home undetected ever again.


  • Smart Security Alerts - Keep your property safe and secure with DigitalHome Door and Window Sensor. Get push notifications and alerts on your phone whenever the door or window is opened or gets triggered. 
  • Multi-purpose Use - Install the sensor not only on front doors or windows, but also on garage doors, file cabinets, pet doors, and more. Can be used for homes, offices, restaurants, dorms, and apartments. 
  • 24/7 Monitoring - Monitor the status of the door/window 24/7. When it is triggered, such as open, close, or tampered, a push notification will be reported to your smartphone. You can check history records and battery levels on your Smartphone APP.
  • Share access – share access to your family members so they can control your smart devices as well. 
  • Power Efficient - sensor runs on a 1pc CR2450 battery that lasts for one year. When batteries are running low, an alert will be sent to your device via the mobile app so you can change batteries when needed in advance.
  • Anti-tamper – Once the sensor is removed, it will give a real-time notification and alarm the system


Frequency: 433/868Mhz
Battery: 1pc 3V CR2450 Lithium battery (included)
Weight: 40g
Certifications: CE, ISO, FCC, RoHS, CCC, GS


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