SR400 Zigbee wall mount human presence motion sensor

  • ₱2,250.00


A wired ceiling mount sensor that provides very accurate Human Presence Sensor


  • High accuracy - Very accurate in detecting micro/macro motions. 
    It can not only be used to detect moving but also non-moving people.
  • Millimeter Wave detection - It detects both moving and non-moving.
  • Variable distance detection - You can set the device's minimum and maximum detection distance.
  • Increased Safety and Security - Improve the security of your home with DigitalHome Smart Sensors. Prevent unwanted intruders and keep your home and your family safe with real-time alerts to notify you to call the police if your home is broken into.
  • Realtime Alerts - Download the Mobile app to connect with your smart sensor devices. With more DigitalHome Smart devices, you can conveniently control them all in one app. Change your settings, and receive security notifications and updates in one place.
  • Linkage Lighting - Go home at night, walk into the door, lighting, and air conditioning automatically turn on, and immediately enjoy a comfortable life;


Network: ZigBee

Ceiling mount sensor input: 80-240VAC

Ceiling mount sensor sensing radius: 0-7m(Default 5m)

Illuminance Sensor: 0-2000 LUX

Target detection confirmation time:0-10s

Target disappearance delay time:2-1500s



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