DH200 Smart Deadbolt Lock

  • ₱8,995.00
  • Save ₱2,000

A smart lock that enables you to enter your home with your fingerprint, and pin code from its touch screen pad, or with your mobile phone through Bluetooth connection or with a Card. Traditional keys are kept only for backup.
This is battery-operated and can be easily installed into your doors with no special wiring needed.

Mode of Access

  • Fingerprint
  • PIN Code
  • Smartphone Key via Bluetooth
  • Card
  • Mechanical Key


  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification - 100 fingerprints. It identifies you in less than 0.5 seconds & works well for kids and elders.
  • Virtual Key Access – with its mobile application, securely grants access to your guests from your smartphone by providing a unique pin code or smartphone electronic key access.
  • Smartphone Electronic Key Access – you or your guests have to download and create an account from the smart lock’s mobile application (IoS/Android). This would allow your smartphone to access the smart lock through a Bluetooth connection. No wifi connection is needed to connect with the smart lock upon entry.
  • Access Expiry – specify the type of access for your guests, either permanent or temporary access. Temporary access can be scheduled either in one-time or routinely (i.e. every Wednesday). Set the time and date for your guest to enter your home.
  • Access Monitoring – access entry logs are available from its mobile application.
  • Power Supply – The lock is powered by 4pcs AAA batteries. Mechanical keys are kept for backup. The keyhole is strategically located to make it more secure. 
  • Voice Activated - With voice instruction, it would be easy to operate the lock.


Brand: Digitalhome
Sensor: Optical fingerprint sensor
Scan Area: 0.9 x 0.7 inch / 22.9 × 17.8 mm
Fingerprint Capacity: 100
RFID capacity: 500
Identification Time: <0.5 Sec
Case Material: Strong zinc alloy
Weight: 2.5 Kilograms
Door Thickness: 13/8" - 13/4"
Battery: 4pcs AA (not included)



Download Mobile Application Manual

User's Manual






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How to bind your mobile number to your account


How to reset the account


How to pair your smart lock


How to send e Key (electronic Key)


How to add a fingerprint 


How to add/delete an RFID card


How to transfer lock ownership


How to enable/disable auto-lock


How to grant Authorized admin access


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