DH210 Smart Deadbolt Lock

  • ₱8,995.00
  • Save ₱2,000

A smart lock that enables you to enter your home with a pin code from its touchscreen pad, or with your mobile phone through a Bluetooth connection. Traditional keys are kept only for backup. 

This is battery-operated and can be easily installed into your doors with no special wiring or internet connection needed.

Mode of Access

  • Smartphone 
  • Fingerprint
  • PIN Code
  • RFID Card
  • Mechanical Key



  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification - The smart lock recognizes your fingerprint in just 0.5 seconds and unlocks your door in 1 second.
  • Virtual Key Access – with its mobile application, securely grants access to your guests from your smartphone by providing a unique pin code or smartphone electronic key access.
  • Access Expiry – specify the type of access for your guests, either permanent or temporary access. Temporary access can be scheduled either in one-time or routinely (i.e. every Wednesday). Set the time and date for your guest to enter your home.
  • Backup Key - Mechanical keys are kept for backup. The keyhole is strategically located to make it more secure.
  • Security Lockout Mode – if an invalid PIN code is entered 5 times, the lock will stop operating for 5 minutes.
  • Low power consumption - batteries can last up to 12 months for 20 times unlock every day.
  • Emergency Power – when the smart lock runs out of battery, a micro-USB slot is available to connect to a power bank and power the smart lock.
  • Data Privacy - Stores your fingerprint and in-app data locally—rather than on the cloud—to keep your personal information safe and private.
  • Anti-peep Touchscreen - allows user to type in any number of random digits, and can still gain access as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers. This ensures strangers can’t steal your password by watching you nearby when you enter the password.
  • Voice Command - Compatible with Amazon's Alexa and Google. It will lock and unlock by using a voice command (i.e. Alexa, open the door).
  • Time and Attendance - When enabled, you can view the time and attendance report based on the entry logs.


Technology: Synchronization (One Time Password)

Mode of access: Smartphone, Fingerprint, PIN Code, RFID, Mechanical key

Fingerprint access: 100 users

RFID access: 500 users

PIN Code access: 1000 users

Smartphone access: 1000 users

Door Thickness: 30-52 mm

Size: 150 x 60 x 13.5 mm

Working Voltage: DC 6V (4 x AA Batteries)

Fingerprint Sensor: Semiconductor Sensor

special Features: Automatic Unlock

Fingerprint Reader: FPC Finger Reader

Weight: 2.5 kg




Download the Mobile Application Manual

Download Installation Manual

User's Manual




How to install



How to register Sciener account


How to reset the account


How to pair your smart lock


How to send eKey (electronic Key)


How to add a fingerprint 

How to add/delete an RFID card


How to transfer lock ownership


How to enable/disable auto-lock


How to grant Authorized admin access

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Easy to Use

Easy to use, fast delivery and helpful staff. Thank you, Digital Home!

Sheryl Valdez
It serves its purpose

Customer service is very responsive and accommodating. Had a smooth transaction with the team. The smart lock DH210 rocks! I am now confident to leave my condo without thinking if I have my keys in my pocket. The fingerprint function is very useful and the app to control acces is user friendly. Overall, i am very satisfied with my purchase. I hope it will last for 10±± years 🙂. Thanks digitalhome team!!!

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