SW400 Zigbee Wall Switch no Neutral line (Works with Alexa and Google Assistant)

  • ₱2,100.00

This advanced smart switch enables you to remotely control your home lights or fixtures from your smartphone that doesn't modify your existing wiring.


  • Remote Power Control – aside from touch control, this smart switch connects to your home WiFi and lets you remotely control your lighting fixtures or ceiling fans from your smartphone or tablet. Download the mobile application to your phone and pair the switch to your smartphone. Once downloaded, this will enable you to use all its features.
  • No Neutral Line - You can directly change your switch right away without modifying your existing line.
  • Power Scheduling – from your smartphone, schedule your lights/fans to automatically turn on and off based on specific times you set (i.e. turns on every 6 PM daily, turns off after 2 hours).
  • Voice Control – works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice control. Instantly turn on or off your electrical devices with a voice command.
  • Modern Style & Safety Design - elegant design blends well with any room décor. With an LED indicators, you can find the switch easily in a dark room.
  • Group & Scene Control - Group control your smart light switches; create scenes for when you wake up, go to bed, and so on.
  • Easy to install - the installation of the smart switch is the same as that of the traditional light switch with no required neutral wire.
  • Low power consumption - with the Zigbee protocol, it's very cost-efficient with very low power consumption.


Brand: Digitalhome
Wireless: ZigBee
Working Voltage: AC110—240V, 50/60HZ
Max power: 5W-300W/gang
Shell material: PC Anti-fire
Power Consumption: ≤0.5W
Type: No neutral line switch

Note: Zigbee hub is not included. These switches do not work if light has ballast. It is recommended to use at least 6w bulbs.



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