F11 8-inch Display Face Recognition Door access control with Mobile App

  • ₱24,495.00


The F11 Face Recognition magnetic door lock is suitable for office glass doors with a 8-inch display. It lets you enter your office with face recognition, fingerprint, and an RFID Card. It also has a built-in time and attendance system and can be downloaded in Excel format.

Mode of Access

  • Face Recognition
  • RFID Card
  • Fingerprint
  • PIN Code
  • Manual Exit button

Package Inclusion

  • F11 Controller
  • Power supply
  • Emergency Battery 
  • Exit button
  • Magnet
  • Bracket


  • High Security – a very secure lock that uses facial recognition for entry.
  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification - recognizes your fingerprint in just 0.1 seconds and unlocks your door in .5 second.
  • High Storage Capacity - Store up to 5000 users combined (face/fingerprint/Pincode/RFID).
  • Time and attendance – suitable for offices to track the time and attendance of employees that can store 200,000 log capacity.
  • Multiple Verification - You can choose any mode of access either face, fingerprint, or RFID card

  • Anti-spoofing algorithm - detection on photos and videos. They are only allowing actual people.

  • Waterproof - Can be placed outdoors with its IP66 rating. 



Operating Voltage: DC 12V 2.0A

Display: 8 inch

Camera: Dual HD Cameras

Face Capacity: 5000 combined

RFID Capacity: 5000 combined

Fingerprint: 5000 combined

Infrared Light: Dual IR

Identification Speed: 0.1s

Proximity Card Reader: EM/ Mifare 125 KHz 13.56 MHz

Weight: 5kg (including magnetic accessories)

Material: Aluminum Alloy



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