SGT150 Remote Control Automatic Double Swing Gate opener

  • ₱39,995.00

An automatic swinging gate opener that uses remote control to open the gate. An optional solar power and built-in batteries can be installed as well. Durable, convenient and waterproof.


Gate Opener Specification
Max.Piston Stroke: 350 mm
Max.Length of Motor: 1030 mm
Max. Leaf's Weight: 300 killogram/Leaf
Suitable Leaf's Length: 1.5 to 2.5 meter/Leaf
Frame Housing:Stainless Steel/Aluminum Alloy
Driving Method:Screw Driven Piston Type
Stroke Speed: 4.5 centimeter/sec(1.8 inch/sec)
Opening Degree: 0 to 110 degree
90 Degree Rotation Time: 8 to 12 seconds
Temperature: -15 C to 55C

NOTE: Separate cost for the installation

Solar Panel Specification
Type:20W Poly Panel
Rated power:20W
Maximum/Peak Voltage(Vpm):29V
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc):34.8V
Maximum/Peak Current(Ipm):0.38A
Short Circuit Current (Isc):0.42A
Temperature Range:-40Cto +80C
Frame Heavy Duty :aluminum

Package Include:
1 PCS Swing Gate Opener Motor
1 PC 11W Poly Solar Panel
2 PCS 7A Battery
1 PC Intelligent Digital Control Box
2 PCS Remote Controller



  • POWER SAVING – With solar power and external batteries, you can save electricity.
  • INTELLIGENT – Self-learning feature to detect to full gate open or close.
  • AUTO CLOSE – this can make your home more secure to close your gate automatically.
  • WATERPROOF – Made of Aluminum base, copper worm-gear, reliable quality and is completely waterproof 
  • Manual Operation: In case of power failure, it can be easily converted to manual operation with a dedicated key, or switched to standby power. (optional)



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