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What are the amazon smart devices?

Amazon isn’t just an online retailer. The company also makes a huge range of products, from voice assistants and media tablets to security cameras, e-readers, and more, that can streamline your daily tasks and make you more productive, both at home and work.  Each Amazon product comes with several different versions, and knowing which one you want (or even what it does) can sometimes be a little confusing. So we've put together this special guide to Amazon's products to help you out. From Echo smart speakers to Kindle readers, Fire tablets to Deals Buttons, we'll help you decide which device is right for...

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How to install Alexa in the Philippines for android users

Smart Home technology is still in the early stage in the Philippines but it doesn't mean we don't get to enjoy the coolness and convenience of Voice AI. The most popular AI and our favorite Amazon Alexa can be set up pretty easily but not as what is written on the manual that you will find if you buy any of these Amazon devices: Echo dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. For ttutorial today, I will be using the Digital Home Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation. Take note that the steps that I will be mentioning today should also...

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